About Mara

My name is Mara and I am addicted to shopping and doing my makeup. I've never been athletic or into sports besides college football. I'm quite shy and don't feel like I fit in often because I'm a bit of an old soul. Did I mention that I love makeup and clothes and everything else girly?

I really hope you enjoy this blog and find that it is a place where you feel welcome :)

xoxo -Mara

Q: How old are you?
A: I'm 16.

Q: Why did you create this blog?
A: I'm not athletic, I'm not really involved in anything at school besides Beta club and Student Council. I love makeup and fashion, they are the two things that I am truly passionate about. I feel like creating this blog would be an awesome way to share that passion and help other people out with tips and such.

Q: Why did you stop posting for awhile?
A: My parents are divorced and it was a little bit hard keeping up with my stuff and keeping track with the blog. But, I now have a stable living situation and plan to keep posting regularly!

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