Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to School: Day One

Your first day of school is always a bit stressful. For me, I never sleep the night before and am a little excited for change. Back to school shopping is also one of my favorite things to do! (Who doesn’t love an excuse to shop?!)  Picking out your outfit for the first day is also something fun to do, and also a little tough. You want to stand out, show your style, and look awesome. Here’s what I would want to wear on my first day!

The striped blazer will give your look a nautical feel and give you a casual yet put together look. The red t-shirt adds a fun pop of color. A light wash skinny jean will be a cute asset, but won't steal the spotlight. As for shoes, the leopard flats give your outfit an unexpected twist, don't be afraid to mix patterns! The edgy jewelry brings together the gold tones in your shoes to the top half of your body, and the cute and versatile bag will be  the cherry on top!

As for makeup, I think you should reflect the gold tones from your outfit, as well as the bold black stripes.
1. Moisturize your skin (I use Yes to Carrots Day Cream and Eye Contour Cream)
2. Apply a primer for a flawless finish
3. Apply a concealer under yours eyes so you don't look tired and on any other blemishes
4. Using your fingers, apply a medium coverage foundation all over your face and neck
5. Using a small contour brush, sweep bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks and then use a large powder brush to dust it all over your face and neck for a healthy glow
6. Apply a natural rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks (I suggest using a cream blush to give your skin a dewy finish)
7. Apply a small amount of powder highlighter on you cheekbones and around your eye to your brow bone
8. Apply an eye primer to you lid so your shadows will last all day
9. Using your fingers, apply a cream (or powder) shadow that has a gold or champagne pigmentation onto your lid
10. Use a black gel liner to line your upper lashline and wing it out at the ends
11. Drag a small amount of the same liner halfway on your lower lashline as well
12. Apply a volumizing mascara
13. Apply a natural lip shade that enhances your lip's natural color

As for hair, I love this picture and I think it makes the look amazing!
To get this, use a large barrel curling iron (1.5 in or more) and curl your hair in sections away from your face. You can part your hair on the side or in the middle (I suggest middle.) Instead of using hairspray, run a bit of finishing cream through your hair to control fly aways and give a glossy finish. Take a piece of hair from underneath and fishtail braid it and tease the ends to hold it in place( no elastic required!) You can also tease your crown for extra volume. Another option would be creating several small braids instead of one large one.

I really hope you guys enjoy this first day of school look and stay tuned for Day Two!

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