Monday, July 25, 2011

Back To School: Day Two

Well, it's the second day of school and now that you know where your classes are and you know what to expect. The second day is an opportunity for you to dress up a little more, that way you can worry more about the outfit instead of school. This look is laid back, but girly and vintage.

The skirt is an abstract purple and light grey print that is high waisted, but long enough to be appropriate for school. Tuck in this cute sheer blouse for a flowy balance and laid back approach. The skinny brown belt will help cinch your waist and separate the harsh print. The simple earrings keep the vintage feel, but don't over power the outfit. The oxfords not only look great with everything else, but also are extremely fashionable and versatile. That also goes for the light grey quilted shoulder bag which is girly and classic.

For makeup, do your normal foundation routine and only use bronzer to contour. For your cheeks, use a baby pink blush that will be bright and sweet, this will keep to the girly look. For your eyes, apply a shade that matches your skin tone all over your lid to give a clean look. For depth, add a light brown matte shadow into your crease. This is optional, but if you want to add something fun, place a light purple shade on your lower lashline. For eyeliner, add a brown gel liner to your upper lashline and on your waterline, then coat your lashes with your favorite mascara. Finally, put on a baby pink lipstick or lipgloss and you're finished!
For hair, go with loose bohemian waves like the day before and add a goddess braid.

I hope you guys enjoyed the second day look! Keep watching for the next three posts on back to school style!


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    I love this post, those are really cute outfits!

    I wrote a post about my experiences in highschool to help other people get through it. :) It would mean a lot if you would check it out.